Trancoso is a town located in the south of the state of Bahía, Brazil. It was born from a Jesuit village named São João Batista dos indios, founded in 1586. This village was rediscovering in the end of the 70´s by a group of hippies. At that time it was just only a few houses on each side of a big grass square with a church at the end, one of the oldest in Brazil, with a wonderful view to the ocean. 

Today, that space, which is the São João square in the historic center of Trancoso, is called the "Cuadrado", a "corner of the world" and human historic heritage. By its primitivism and exuberant nature, Trancoso started to attract people from all over the world. Artists, artisans, architects and designers found here inspiration to develop and create, in society with native’s artists and artisans, his own style, nowadays well known and praised all over the world. 

That kind of mixture made a cosmopolitan town, where lives young people from every part of Brazil and the world, like Argentineans, Spaniards, Swiss, French, Dutch, Italians, Swedish, and Portuguese. All of them with the natives make part of this amazing town.

The place is enchanting new discoverers every day. The beaches have clear warm waters that mirror the sky, cliffs, palm trees, mangroves, rivers, the mixture of races and creeds, and the strong appeal of history, "the cradle of a new people" that do Trancoso one of the most hipsters Brazil.