• Nativos Beach

    Nativos Beach .

    Praia dos Nativos (Native’s Beach) It is the main beach in Trancoso, and also where you will find most people. It has big restaurants but, due to its great length, you can always find quiet places just by walking a bit. It has more than 3 kilometers of sand where every step is better than the one before. 
    You can rent horses by the river outlet, and can also take a river bath without worrying about contamination. It is also interesting to take a river ride by boat or rent a kayak.

  • Quadrado (historic and turist center)

    Praça São João Batista .

    The heart of this wonderfully tranquil and welcoming Trancoso is the ‘Quadrado’ — the square. A rectangular patch of grass, it is lined on its long sides by huge Monkeypod trees and colourful adobe houses which today there are bars, restaurants, full of style inns, craft shops and boutiques of famous brands; and punctuated at its far end by the all-white São João Batista church. It is the meeting place for everyone in town: young, old, rich, poor, singles, families, locals and tourists alike. People gather here to sit, to play, to chat, to eat, to shop or to stroll around the sandy path edging the grass. 

  • Coqueiros Beach

    Coqueiros Beach .

    Praia dos Coqueiros (Coconut trees Beach) The south beaches are with few and small waves. There are coral reefs 100 meters into the sea and a lot of coconut trees. In the summer you can ride a banana-boat. 
    Between the outlet of the Trancoso River and the restaurants of Coqueiros beach you can find small places, each of them with its own beauty. 

  • Espelho and Curuípe Beaches

    Espelho and Cuiruípe Beaches .

    Praias do Espelho e Curuípe À uma hora de carro, para o Sul, encontram-se as Praias do Espelho e Curuípe. Umas praias bem diferentes. De águas calmas e cristalinas, oferecem sua areia para longas caminhadas por praias quase desertas.

  • Taípe Beach

    Taípe Beach .

    Beach of Taipe It is located to the North of the beach Rio Da Barra, it is another 30 minutes walking, after the cliffs, where the new Club Med is. It is a Natural Reserve because of turtles that lay their eggs here. 
    It is very quiet, isolated by 20 mete-high-cliffs. The outlet of the Taipe River, also with dark waters thanks to the mangrove vegetation, is free of pollution and good for fishing.

  • Rio da Barra Beach

    Rio da Barra Beach .

    Rio da Barra beach is to the left (North), 20 to 30 minutes walk. There is one restaurant and the Barra River. 
    It is a special and heavenly view. You can spend the day, have lunch, and forget the rest of the world. The waves are strong and make a nice scene with the Barra River, with its clean and dark waters that make a nice contrast to the mangrove vegetation that surrounds it.

  • Terravista Golf Course

    Estrada Municipal de Trancoso, Km 18 – Porto Seguro, BA .

    Running along the colorful cliffs of Trancoso the 18 hole Terravista golf course offers up one of the finest golfing experiences in South America. The course was designed by renowned architect Dan Blankenship. It has been referred to by Golf Digest as one of the 8 Pebble Beaches of the world.

    The front nine holes takes you deep into Atlantic rainforest and includes several lake holes with sand bunkers and jungle boundaries that even the best of golfers will respect. The back nine, in contrast, offers dazzling views of the beach with many of its holes perched high upon the ocean cliffs. Holes 12-15 run along cliffs and offer breathtaking shots as your ball navigates over cliff and sea. The signature 17th hole provides a dramatic golf scape as your second shot descends to a green edged with bunkers and Atlantic rainforest far below.